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Comp-ARF Spitfire Scale

Your Price: $450.00

Comp-ARF Spitfire Scale

Retail Price: $450.00

Composite ARF Spitfire scale exhaust system that is designed specifically for this model. Fish-tail stacks that add realism to your model and that are totally functional. This exhaust system is complete and is of the canister type with a huge tank that will soften the chain-saw like sound of the huge two-stroke engines, it also cuts down on noise levels! This design has worked well with the Comp-ARF P-51 and will work well here in the Spitfire. This design will also work with any size engine because it is a flexible non-specific to one engine design.

This scale exhaust will make your warbird a hit at the flying field!

You must read More Info and Tech Notes above before purchase!

In an effort to make better use of my time I have changed how I will sell these exhaust, they will be sold as Built to Order! It takes too much time to try and build stock that only sits for months at a time before being sold.

Allow roughly four to six weeks lead time for you order to be built and shipped.

There is more work for the inline twin engines so there is an extra charge for this engine.

This product is sold one at a time only because I can only get one in the box at a time, so if you want more than one you need to make separate individual orders.

Payment is in advance! This model is very complex model and when you add this exhaust to the model it even becomes more complex, it absolutely needs airflow through the fuselage to keep things cool. It is up to you, the modeler, to make sure this happens.

Things you can do to help with the possible heat that is generated from the exhaust system is as follows.

Make a light veneer or balsa separator that divides the fuselage into two parts, one for heat and one for flight components. The air scoop under the wings are a great place to take cool air in and to get rid of hot air, this way there is no need to cut holes into the fuselage.

Plan for holes or doors or anything to allow for air to get out of the fuselage!

Mount as much electronic gear as possible into the wings, they are hollow, use the space!

Click here to see how cooling is handled by one modeler.

Click here to see another example but this time it is a Yellow P-40 with a canister installed into the fuselage. Different model but the concept does apply!

Click here to read information on engine cooling, good read!

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